Journey Map

  1. Project Name: Account Open Journey Map
  2. Client: Schwab International Account Open Team
  3. Project Duration: 2 weeks
  4. My Role: Lead UX Researcher and Facilitator

Far too much Effort

  1. Potential international clients had difficulties opening an account with Schwab.
  2. They encountered problems with required documents, confusion, delays, and distrust.
  3. They abandoned the process or called customer support for help, which increased operational costs and reduced customer satisfaction.

Not All that Wander are Lost

  1. As the lead UX researcher and facilitator on this project, I conducted a journey mapping workshop with the front-line customer support representatives and stakeholders.
  2. We identified pain points and opportunities during the account open process, using Mural, a digital collaboration tool.
  3. We created and prioritized solutions to improve the experience and reduce the number of abandoned applications and support calls.

A Difficult Process

  1. The affected user: potential clients who wanted to open an account with Schwab.
  2. Their issue: opening an account was difficult and they often encountered problems with the required documents.
  3. Their desired solution: a clear and easy way to provide the correct documents and complete the account open process.
  4. Too many abandoned applications and too many support calls forced the team's hand. They needed to fix the process.
Image 1 - Mural board after complete journey mapping session

A Mountain of Digital Post-Its

  1. Used journey mapping to understand the problems and challenges.
  2. Worked with a team of front-line customer support representatives and stakeholders who had direct contact and insights into the potential clients and their needs.
  3. Created a visual representation of the process and the pain points using Mural, a digital collaboration tool.
  4. Defined the main problems and challenges: document verification, upload, mail, and signature.
Image 2 - Completed journey map in Schwab format (page 1)
Image 3 - Completed journey map in Schwab format (page 2)

A Plan Emerges

  1. Reviewed the problems and challenges with the team and determined which ones could be effectively addressed and if any were quick wins.
  2. Prioritized the chosen problems, created stories, and put them in the backlog.
  3. The most urgent and impactful solutions were to add digital signatures and build a much more robust version of document upload.
  4. These solutions would reduce the pain points for the clients by expediting the account open process with digital services.
  5. The metrics included the number of development stories created and prioritized in the backlog, the estimated time and cost savings, and the expected increase in customer satisfaction and retention.
  6. The successes included the alignment and buy-in from the team, the identification and validation of the pain points, and the creation and prioritization of the solutions.
  7. The lessons learned included the importance of making as many processes as possible digital, the value of involving the front-line customer support representatives and stakeholders in the research, and the need for continuous testing and iteration.
  8. The next steps included implementing the solutions, conducting user testing, and making updates iteratively.
Image 4 - Sharable and more engaging journey map

Happy Clients!

  1. Improved the account open process for the potential clients by making it easier, faster, and more secure.
  2. Reduced the operational costs and increased the customer satisfaction for Schwab by decreasing the number of abandoned applications and support calls.
  3. Showcased my skills and experience as a senior UX designer by demonstrating my thought process and my ability to lead a journey mapping session that uncovered relevant issues and solutions.

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