Individual Tax Service Website

  1. Project Name: Individual Tax Service Website
  2. Client: Individual Tax Service, a small but reputable business that helps people with their taxes
  3. Project Duration: 4 weeks
  4. My Role: Designer and Developer, in charge of the whole website makeover

Usability Issues = Frustration

  1. Affected users: Busy people who need to file their taxes.
  2. The problem: Website is outdated, cluttered, and confusing.
  3. Solution: A simple website with useful information and a convenient way to book an appointment online.
  4. Too many appointment booking issues and clients asking for more information revealed the need for an updated website experience.
Image 1 - Adventurous Style Tile with a retro aesthetic
Image 2 - Middle-of-the-road Style Tile
Image 3 - Conservative Style Tile

Considered Design = Trust

  1. Research methods: Stakeholder interviews, client interviews, competitor research.
  2. Team: The owner and the manager of Individual Tax Service.
  3. Research results: The company needed an updated and modern way to schedule appointments and interact with clients, and a cohesive brand to increase client confidence and loyalty.
  4. Decision: Simplify the brand, drive people to appointment scheduling, create a more engaging website design.
  5. Rationale: The website needs to reflect the company’s values and professionalism, attract and retain clients, and make the work easier and more efficient.
Image 4 - Mobile wireframes
Image 5 - Desktop wireframes
Image 6 - Mobile hifi mockups
Image 7 - Desktop hifi mockups

Fewer Barriers = Higher Profit

  1. User testing and design iteration process: Feedback and approval from the stakeholders, wireframes and prototypes in Figma, suggestions and revisions from the clients.
  2. Final round of user testing: Tasks and observations with some of the clients, fixing issues and errors, polishing the design and the functionality.
  3. Product launch: Hosting on my secure server, tracking with Google Analytics and other tools.
  4. Metrics: Appointment scheduling increased by close to 20%, website traffic, engagement, and conversions increased, bounce rate and loading time decreased.
  5. Successes: Improved image and reputation, enhanced client satisfaction and retention, easier and more efficient scheduling.
  6. Lessons learned: Small businesses can benefit from a bespoke website experience, simple and effective design can make a big difference, static site generators can be powerful and efficient tools.
Image 8 - Link to live site

You are viewing the beta version of my new website. I'm actively working on this site and larger breakpoints will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!